Friday, December 6, 2013

Thomas Alva Edison's five findings were not disclosed to the public


Edison was a businessman and scientist and inventor of the United States who have so many research results . He is also the founder of 14 companies , including General Electric .
Edison had patented more than 1000 inventions in the U.S. . Results of the study include light bulb , ponograf ( phonograph ) , the camera moves , and dynamo .
However , there were no findings revealed by the public . Site Gearlog recorded at least five Edison invention that has not been so widely known , as reported from
1 . Unmute Machine ( 1868 )

Long before Americans use Diebold machines for counting , Edison already offers a tool called Vote Recorder findings .
This tool calculates the sound with the model question Yes or No. Unfortunately , these voting machines have slow processing time . To the extent that one of the Congressional Committee Chairman said , " If there is an invention on earth that we do not want , this is the machine he is . "
2 . Unmute Dolls ( 1877 )

Not only invented the phonograph , Edison also gush a miniature version of the music player , which is then placed inside a doll . It then could play a phonograph recording rhymes for children , so that the doll as if speaking .
3 . Battery Electric Car (1880 )

When Edison introduced the nickel - iron battery , he then dreamed to make electric cars . Some automakers like Detroit Electric and Baker Electric , and then adopt the technology that was introduced Edison .
However , in a recent dinner party , Henry Ford gave a small note to the Edison Electric car sounds dead . After that , his words proved true. Edison dream was never accomplished .
4 . Frankenstein Movie (1910 )

In 1891 Edison patented the first film camera , called Kinematograph . In 1910 , his company , Edison Manufacturing Company Studio , create a Frankenstein movie , a film adaptation of his classic horror novel by Mary Shelley .
5 . Special telephone Spirits (1920 )

This finding is one subject that is still being debated . Edison had informed the media about some of the efforts to find a way to call people who had died .
In 1921 he clarified that by telling the New York Times , that his invention could detect unit of life among the dead .
However , many say that Edison failed miserably in his bid this time . When this tool has been found , which may be the first port of call is the ghost of Edison himself .