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Thomas Alva Edison's five findings were not disclosed to the public


Edison was a businessman and scientist and inventor of the United States who have so many research results . He is also the founder of 14 companies , including General Electric .
Edison had patented more than 1000 inventions in the U.S. . Results of the study include light bulb , ponograf ( phonograph ) , the camera moves , and dynamo .
However , there were no findings revealed by the public . Site Gearlog recorded at least five Edison invention that has not been so widely known , as reported from
1 . Unmute Machine ( 1868 )

Long before Americans use Diebold machines for counting , Edison already offers a tool called Vote Recorder findings .
This tool calculates the sound with the model question Yes or No. Unfortunately , these voting machines have slow processing time . To the extent that one of the Congressional Committee Chairman said , " If there is an invention on earth that we do not want , this is the machine he is . "
2 . Unmute Dolls ( 1877 )

Not only invented the phonograph , Edison also gush a miniature version of the music player , which is then placed inside a doll . It then could play a phonograph recording rhymes for children , so that the doll as if speaking .
3 . Battery Electric Car (1880 )

When Edison introduced the nickel - iron battery , he then dreamed to make electric cars . Some automakers like Detroit Electric and Baker Electric , and then adopt the technology that was introduced Edison .
However , in a recent dinner party , Henry Ford gave a small note to the Edison Electric car sounds dead . After that , his words proved true. Edison dream was never accomplished .
4 . Frankenstein Movie (1910 )

In 1891 Edison patented the first film camera , called Kinematograph . In 1910 , his company , Edison Manufacturing Company Studio , create a Frankenstein movie , a film adaptation of his classic horror novel by Mary Shelley .
5 . Special telephone Spirits (1920 )

This finding is one subject that is still being debated . Edison had informed the media about some of the efforts to find a way to call people who had died .
In 1921 he clarified that by telling the New York Times , that his invention could detect unit of life among the dead .
However , many say that Edison failed miserably in his bid this time . When this tool has been found , which may be the first port of call is the ghost of Edison himself .

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Inventor of World's First Computer Virus

Who Inventors World's First Computer Virus? Such questions often occurred to us, who is actually the inventor of the first computer virus in the world. A computer virus is often a sinister scourge for all of us who work primarily relies heavily on computers, many viruses in the world has entered the dangerous virus and could threaten the existing data in our computer.
Rich Skrenta
Have you ever heard of a computer virus called Elk Cloner? It is the name of the world's first computer virus, computer viruses were included in the class of micro-computer virus. Actually, the world's first virus was only transmitted in a school setting where a person who created it in 1982. Hmm wonder who the hell is not the creator or inventor of the first computer virus in the world? Come see below.

Rich Skrenta Inventor of World's First Computer Virus
Rich Skrenta, who at that time was about 15 years old sitting on a bench High School Mt. Lebanon High School, Pennsylvania, United tried to make the world's first computer virus that attacks the Apple II computer.

At the time Rich was classified as a wayward child, her stubbornness is seen from the behavior that intentionally Rich or illegally distribute games and software at that time was very expensive. For this reason these stubborn, Rich Skrenta the inventor of world's first computer virus that attacks the Apple II computer was shunned by friends.

Sometimes the behavior of the recalcitrant Rich often deadly friend's computer with the help of a floppy disk or display a mock sentence on a computer monitor owned by his friends.

Until finally armed with obstinacy or fad him, Rich tried to create a malicious program without the help of a floppy disk, so that he did not necessarily blame. Finally he managed to create a program named Elk Cloner, the virus essentially be spread from one computer to other computers via floppy disk, and people will show both a poem made ​​by Skrenta.

And it was only in a matter of a few months, Rich has managed to make a scene with the school the first computer virus he created. At that time, as now existing Antivirus can make it easier to remove the virus from a computer program, then get busy deleting one by one all the files that have been infected with the virus Elk Cloner.

Elk Cloner How the World's First Computer Virus Spread?
Elk Cloner spread and infect Apple II operating system with this technique and it will boot sector virus will automatically copy itself if accidentally carried on someone else's computer. Although not so fatal, but still a headache.

If your computer is infected with a virus Rich Skrenta made ​​the world's first virus inventor by the name Elk Cloner, it will look like the following poem:

Elk Cloner: The program with a personality
It will get on all your disks
It will infiltrate your chips
Yes it's Cloner!
It will stick to you like glue
It will modify RAM too
Send in the Cloner!

And who would have thought, Rich Skrenta the inventor of computer virus in the world's first stamp was a bad kid in school success, this time according to information obtained he worked as CEO of Blekko Inc. is an Internet search engine or search engine.

Yes, that's the story of the inventor of the first computer virus in the world and named Elk Cloner, who would have thought a malicious program that makes a headache for computer users was first created by 15 year old brat.

Hopefully, the inventor of the first computer virus information in the world is beneficial for all of our knowledge.

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5 World's Most Dangerous Border

For the warring countries, the border is the most prone to conflict so that becomes a very dangerous area. Well here are some of the most dangerous border regions in the world:

1. North Korea-South Korea
The two Koreas have been very old argument. The border region was located in the middle of the plains of Korea, called Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). This area stretches along 250 km with a width of 4 km.

DMZ is the most heavily militarized border in the world. This is where you see a lot of tanks and landmines. Soldiers carrying guns is no stranger appears.
But besides that, the DMZ is also a conservation area.
Some types of fauna such as the Amur Leopard and Red Crown Crane's here.
2. Mexico-US
Since the military took part in the region, the US-Mexico border is known as the location of Drug War. The war was conducted by the cartel drug sellers to maintain regional boundaries. Even the conflict has continued until now.
It's not the only reason the border is dangerous. Desert landscape around it has killed hundreds of people from thirst.

Pakistan and India have a dislike for each other. Hence, the border between the two countries especially the Kashmir a danger to tourists. But the funny thing is, there is the closing ceremony of the border gates between the two countries is a frequent tourist attraction.
4. Bangladesh-India
Some parts of the border between India and Bangladesh was a dense forest. However, the danger does not only come from the natural landscape alone. There are rules set by the border guards of India (Border Security Force / BSF) is touted as a "shoot-to-kill".
Over the past 10 years, the BSF has killed nearly 1,000 people in Bangladesh. This border into "killing fields" the biggest in South Asia.
5. Colombia-Ecuador
State border of Colombia and Ecuador is not dangerous because of the military intervention. Is the FARC rebels, separatists who trade drugs. They took over the border, they also are holding guns.

7 Unique Asteroid

In early February 2013, the people of Earth asteroid makes a warm conversation. This is because the more the approach of asteroid 2012 DA14 predicted approaching our planet on February 15, 2013.
An asteroid about 45 meters wide will achieve closeness to 27,700 kilometers from Earth.
Make it a distance of closest asteroid ever known.
Each unique asteroid.
However, there are seven asteroids were branded "weirdest" in the solar system.
1. Ceres
Discovered by Giuseppe Piazzi, January 1, 1801.
As the largest asteroid, Ceres earned the nickname of "dwarf planet" (Dwarf Planet).
Because of its size as well, he became the asteroid was first discovered. Such enormous Ceres, so he was the only asteroid that has the force of gravity to pull themselves into the circle of a planet.
2. Baptistina
Also referred to as the parent asteroid destruction of the dinosaurs and is one of the youngest members in the asteroid belt. Based on computer models, and a herd of bodies leave Baptistina occurred about 160 million years ago. The collision caused Baptistina make hundreds of other celestial objects collided with Earth. One of them fell into the planet 65 million years ago and wiping out the dinosaurs.

Note: The hypothesis is opposed by some other theory. Apakabardunia will discuss other opportunities

3. Hektor, the greatest Trojan
This asteroid has dimensions of approximately 200 kilometers and has its own moon. It is part of the Trojan asteroids that orbit the planet Jupiter bound.

4. Kleopatra
The asteroid is shaped like a dog bone toy and has two months named Alexhelios and Cleoselene.

5. Themis
The asteroid is known as the only one that has ice on its surface. In addition to ice, in 2009, observations using infrared carbon ensure and molecules. This character makes Themis asteroid as a strong candidate that can support life.

6. Toutatis
This celestial objects named after the Celtic god. Toutatis in the unique character due to the random rotation, impressed even staggered. This is most likely due Toutatis consists of two parts and is influenced gravity of Earth and Jupiter. Rotational path of uncertainty makes it difficult to predict.

7. Apophis
Discovered in 2004 and is taken from the Greek word meaning "evil Egyptian god to darkness". As the name implies, this asteroid could create panic in the world of astronomy in 2004. Apophis in the fourth of the ten in the Torino scale. Scale 10 so the highest benchmark for the risk of celestial bodies striking the Earth and is considered the end of the world.

Predicted Apophis will approach Earth at a distance of 13 April 2029 about 30 thousand kilometers.

Looks Underwater Monster set

Many researchers who have not examine life on the seabed. Apparently, the mysterious creatures passing by not a few.
Jason Bradley, a marine photographer, managed to take a picture of the creature from the ocean floor in detail.
There are already dead, some are still alive when he snapped his camera

Unique underwater creatures are usually found in coastal waters of the North Pacific from Japan to California to a depth of 165 meters.


Viper Fish

Fish with big teeth are usually found in the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, the Pacific and the Atlantic.

Stomiide, family dragon fish

Eel fish has a mouth like a bird's beak is usually found at depths of 300-600 meters below the sea.

Mustellus shark can grow 1.6 meters long with a weight of 13 kilograms.

One of the sea monster who successfully met the photographer during an underwater hunt.

10 Most Popular in Irish mythology

Long history of Ireland is full of ancient mythology and folklore. The ancient Ireland, the Druids and the Celtics believe in the power of magic, and a lot of confidence spread to the legend of the modern world in many countries.
Here are 10 most popular legend among the people of Ireland.

Banshee is a woman who brings death as a sign to someone. Sometimes you see a Banshee as an old woman dressed in rags, sometimes you see it as a beautiful young girl, and sometimes you see it as a woman who was washing clothes with blood stains.
Every time she looks, she cried with a terrible voice, and according to legend, the crying will bring death to a family member who heard it.

One story says King James I of Scotland thought she was approached by a Banshee.
Shortly after that, he died at the Earl, Atholl.

The Pooka is a particular type of fairy hunchback who created havoc in the world. Pooka appeared at night in rural and coastal areas of Ireland. On a good day, Pooka would cause damage to agriculture, destroying fences and disturbing the animals. On a bad day, Pooka will be standing outside the farmhouse and called the people who were in the house with their name.
If anyone hooked out, Pooka will take them away.
Pooka also love messing with the ship pulled away from the Irish. Pooka believed to be the cause of so many shipwrecks along the rocky coast.

According to legend, fairy women often gave birth to children with disabilities. Because sound more pleasant fairy babies, they will go into the world and replace it with a healthy human baby, and leave Changeling. When Changeling looks like a human baby, he does not have the same emotional characteristics. Changeling was happy when misfortune and sadness going on in the house.
Changeling legend has lasted for centuries.
William Shakespeare talks about his role in Changeling, "A Midsummer's Night Dream." "Three hundred years later, Scarlett O'Hara, Rhett Butler's believed illegitimate child was a changeling in" Gone with the Wind. "

4. Dagda's Harp
In Irish mythology, Dagda was a high priest who has a large and beautiful harp. During the war, an enemy tribe stole Dagda harp and took her to an abandoned castle. Dagda followed tribe and was called to go to the location of his harp. Dagda came into his harp and began playing chordnya.
Harp music was issued a heartbreaking and everyone in the palace began to cry.
Dagda struck another chord and play the harp, Music Mirth and all the soldiers started laughing. Dagda then played the final chord and harp music issued lull everyone, so the Dagda could escape unharmed with his magical harp.

The Children of Lir
The story of the children of Lir from Irish mythological cycle. Lir is the ruler of the sea. He has a wife and 4 children. When Lir's wife died, he married his wife's sister, Aoife. Aoife was jealous of the children of Lir and want to get rid of them.
One day Aoife took the children to the lake.
While they swim, she cast a spell on them and change the children of Lir into swans. The children remain a swan by magic spells, until they heard the sound of church bells.
Geese swim from lakes, rivers and streams through many years of waiting for the bell, until St. Patrick came to Ireland and the kids can be free of the curse after 900 years later.

St Patrick
For most people, St. Patrick is the one who brings good days and green beer to pubs around the world. In fact, St. Patrick was not named Santo until many centuries after his death, and he was not Irish.
St. Patrick was born in Britain in a wealthy family.
During his childhood, he was kidnapped and sold into slavery in Ireland. For many years in slavery, he converted to Christianity, and after his release, he spent the rest of his life teaching Irish about Christianity, but it was soon forgotten after his death.
It was not until many years later, the pastor began to tell the story of St Patrick which has forced all the snakes out of Ireland.
Something that can never be done because it did not exist there snakes in Ireland.

3 green leaves of Shamrock over the unofficial symbol of Ireland and one of the marshmallows in Lucky Charms. Shamrock has been the most meaningful to the historic Irish culture.
The Druids believed that Shamrock was a sacred plant that can ward off evil.
Celtics believe Shamrock had mystical properties since 3 plants heart-shaped leaves. The Celtics believe that 3 is a sacred number. Some Christians also believe Shamrock has a special meaning, three leaves representing the Trinity.

Finn MacCool
Finn MacCool is a mythological warrior who appeared in Irish legend. One popular story tells of a salmon who knows all the knowledge in the world. Finn decides to eat salmon to get knowledge.
As he was cooking fish, juices spray out and burn fingers Finn.
Finn put his thumb in his mouth to stop the pain instantly and directly to master the knowledge that belongs to the salmon. Since then, whenever Finn sucking his thumb, he gained whatever knowledge he sought.

  9. Faeries
Faeries exist in some form in mythology around the world, but there is a special form of fairies (fairies) from Ireland. Elf in Irish society regarded very lively, and far from perinya Peter Pan, Tinker Bell.
Irish fairies can take any shape he wants, but usually chose the human form.
They are said to be beautiful, strong and hard to resist. And that is unfortunate because most fairies of Ireland is told often brings misfortune and bad luck to the people that he came.

Leprechaun probably the most widely known types of different types of fairies that exist in Ireland. Leprechaun legend has existed in Ireland since the Middle Ages. Traditionally, the leprechaun is a fairy high and often appear to man as a parent, which is much different from the mainstream of modern fairy (small like a kid in a green outfit).

According to legend, leprechauns like to collect gold, which they keep in a pot and hide at the end of the rainbow.
If the man managed to catch leprechauns, fairies must grant three wishes man before he can be released.

5 giants There Ever Recorded In History

The giant man who ever lived in history, evidence of its truth may still be sought by archaeologists. However, throughout the record, a lot of people who grew up tall far above normal size. As seen in 5 people below.

1.Robert Wadlow, 8 '11.1 "
Robert Wadlow is the tallest man in the history of giants. Alton Giant nickname, because he came from Alton, Illinois. He was born in 1918, the oldest of five children.
He died at age 22 due to an infection caused by a blister on the ankle.
At the time of his death, weighed 440 pounds and showed no signs of stopping growing.
He was buried in a tomb made ​​of solid concrete dome.
Apparently, the family remains worried when Robert will be intervened by the news hunters.

2.Johan Aason, 8 '9-1/4 "
Johan was born in the United States after a few years she moved from Norway. Interestingly, apparently the mother was also a giant with a height 7'2 ".
According to his death certificate from the Mendocino Hospital, at the time of death was recorded height 9'2 "- if this is true, then he is the world's highest human history. He was buried in Montana.

3.John Rogan, 8'9 "
John Rogan was born in 1868 and he grew normally until the age of 13. After that continue to grow, until sat died in 1905 from complications listed 8'9'' tall. Worse, the disease makes her extremely thin, which is only 175 pounds.

4.John F Carroll, 8'7 "
John Carroll was born in Buffalo, New York in 1932. He is also known as the Buffalo giant. Her body is growing very fast. He grew seven inches in a few months.

He died in 1969.
Unfortunately, the undocumented how tall when he died. However, many people believe height is no more than 9 '.

5.Leonid Stadnyk, 8'5 "

Leonid Stadnyk born in 1971 in Ukraine.
She is a registered veterinary surgeon and lives with his mother. He is currently listed as the tallest man according to Guinness Book of Records. A group of businessmen ukraine donated satellite dish and a computer to Stadnyk and now he has Internet access.

Note: The size high above the scale reads in feet (ft) and inches (inch).
8'5 "means 8 feet 5 inches when converted into approximately 2 m 56 cm.

7 Most Dangerous Place in the World

There are some things that need to be in the know in the world and include the place - the place was creepy in the world, which even got most of the attention of scientists and researchers the world to know the truth and the secret of it, and the following seven of the most haunted and unsolved secret until now .

Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle, of course everyone knows about the peculiarities and angkernya place.
The mystery disappearance of some ships and planes in the Bermuda Triangle region would make everyone terrified. There is also believed to be the dwelling place of Satan and is also believed to be the Bermuda Triangle UFO bases. The place is located between Miami, Bermuda and San Juan (Puerto Rico). The most interesting story is the loss of all bomber squadron in 1945 and the loss of several large vessels. Surprisingly, none of the bodies or the wreckage and found the ship. Even some of the tools noted electromagnet waves are odd in that place. Many people believe that the place was used as the headquarters of extraterrestrials, and is still in meticulous about what exactly is the secret behind this bermuda triangle.


Salem is a city in the reign of Essex in the United States state of Massachusetts, the City of Salem Salem tragedy keeps the story in 1692.
In that year many people were tortured and killed as being a witch even though there is no proof. Every October, the town of Salem is always a party to celebrate the mystery of the ghost in some places. One is the Witch House, which is the oldest building in Salem and is home to Jonathan Corwin, the judge who is responsible for the death of 19 women in Salem. Until now this haunted place even become one of the creepy.

3. London
London, England. one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but who would have thought there was one way in which the city is named london story pambunuhan store chain. Under the ancient city of London, there are horror. The city was once believed to be a witness to atrocities with bone and blood littered the alley. Ghost Road London became the most hideous and be a special tour that followed the bloody footsteps of the legendary criminal Ther Jack the Ripper.
Roswell, New Mexico. Some people believe that the wreckage that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 an alien spacecraft. And the Roswell incident was a controversy until now. Strenuous efforts of the U.S. government to cover up the facts, make a lot of parties who believe that there is something very important is being hidden. Many are convinced that Roswell is a historic place in the phenomena of UFOs and "visitors from outer space." until now there has been clear about what exactly is happening in this place.
Stanley Hotel
The hotel was built in 1909 in the mountains of Colorado, United States. The hotel looks very impressive and has a very famous restaurant. But the hotel is also a mystery. As local residents believed that Flora Stanley, the owner first, often seen and heard his first wife who had died long ago, and even believed to often play the piano together. In addition, on the fourth floor of the hotel there is a dark room, and room number 217 is often seen a king's head. and until now the news is still confusing and uncertain truth.
Transylvania, is a city located in northwestern Romania. The city is famous for its history of vampires. Blood-sucking is believed to have control of the city. Transylvania is also believed to be the birthplace of the world of darkness. The town is located in the western part of Romania is the home of Dracula. Bran Castle is a castle of the vampire in the 14th century is also an attractive place to visit. About 20 mile from the city of Brasov, in the shadow of Mount Bucegi, there is a house that once belonged to a Romanian prince who becomes a vampire.
7. Edinburgh

City pent Edinburg, Texas, United States.
South Bridge consists of intricate network of underground rooms, tunnel boats, and the gang has been wrapped in mystery and intrigue over the years. The city opened in 1788 but almost unknown, until 1985 the city was rediscovered. Believed to be in that place where life and death of thousands of people underground. and still be a creepy mystery.

That's 7 haunted places in the world, believe it or not is up to believe depends on how you react to it.
but that certainly was basically all over the place in this world is a beautiful place that God created for us humans.