Wednesday, March 6, 2013

7 Unique Asteroid

In early February 2013, the people of Earth asteroid makes a warm conversation. This is because the more the approach of asteroid 2012 DA14 predicted approaching our planet on February 15, 2013.
An asteroid about 45 meters wide will achieve closeness to 27,700 kilometers from Earth.
Make it a distance of closest asteroid ever known.
Each unique asteroid.
However, there are seven asteroids were branded "weirdest" in the solar system.
1. Ceres
Discovered by Giuseppe Piazzi, January 1, 1801.
As the largest asteroid, Ceres earned the nickname of "dwarf planet" (Dwarf Planet).
Because of its size as well, he became the asteroid was first discovered. Such enormous Ceres, so he was the only asteroid that has the force of gravity to pull themselves into the circle of a planet.
2. Baptistina
Also referred to as the parent asteroid destruction of the dinosaurs and is one of the youngest members in the asteroid belt. Based on computer models, and a herd of bodies leave Baptistina occurred about 160 million years ago. The collision caused Baptistina make hundreds of other celestial objects collided with Earth. One of them fell into the planet 65 million years ago and wiping out the dinosaurs.

Note: The hypothesis is opposed by some other theory. Apakabardunia will discuss other opportunities

3. Hektor, the greatest Trojan
This asteroid has dimensions of approximately 200 kilometers and has its own moon. It is part of the Trojan asteroids that orbit the planet Jupiter bound.

4. Kleopatra
The asteroid is shaped like a dog bone toy and has two months named Alexhelios and Cleoselene.

5. Themis
The asteroid is known as the only one that has ice on its surface. In addition to ice, in 2009, observations using infrared carbon ensure and molecules. This character makes Themis asteroid as a strong candidate that can support life.

6. Toutatis
This celestial objects named after the Celtic god. Toutatis in the unique character due to the random rotation, impressed even staggered. This is most likely due Toutatis consists of two parts and is influenced gravity of Earth and Jupiter. Rotational path of uncertainty makes it difficult to predict.

7. Apophis
Discovered in 2004 and is taken from the Greek word meaning "evil Egyptian god to darkness". As the name implies, this asteroid could create panic in the world of astronomy in 2004. Apophis in the fourth of the ten in the Torino scale. Scale 10 so the highest benchmark for the risk of celestial bodies striking the Earth and is considered the end of the world.

Predicted Apophis will approach Earth at a distance of 13 April 2029 about 30 thousand kilometers.

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