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Inventor of World's First Computer Virus

Who Inventors World's First Computer Virus? Such questions often occurred to us, who is actually the inventor of the first computer virus in the world. A computer virus is often a sinister scourge for all of us who work primarily relies heavily on computers, many viruses in the world has entered the dangerous virus and could threaten the existing data in our computer.
Rich Skrenta
Have you ever heard of a computer virus called Elk Cloner? It is the name of the world's first computer virus, computer viruses were included in the class of micro-computer virus. Actually, the world's first virus was only transmitted in a school setting where a person who created it in 1982. Hmm wonder who the hell is not the creator or inventor of the first computer virus in the world? Come see below.

Rich Skrenta Inventor of World's First Computer Virus
Rich Skrenta, who at that time was about 15 years old sitting on a bench High School Mt. Lebanon High School, Pennsylvania, United tried to make the world's first computer virus that attacks the Apple II computer.

At the time Rich was classified as a wayward child, her stubbornness is seen from the behavior that intentionally Rich or illegally distribute games and software at that time was very expensive. For this reason these stubborn, Rich Skrenta the inventor of world's first computer virus that attacks the Apple II computer was shunned by friends.

Sometimes the behavior of the recalcitrant Rich often deadly friend's computer with the help of a floppy disk or display a mock sentence on a computer monitor owned by his friends.

Until finally armed with obstinacy or fad him, Rich tried to create a malicious program without the help of a floppy disk, so that he did not necessarily blame. Finally he managed to create a program named Elk Cloner, the virus essentially be spread from one computer to other computers via floppy disk, and people will show both a poem made ​​by Skrenta.

And it was only in a matter of a few months, Rich has managed to make a scene with the school the first computer virus he created. At that time, as now existing Antivirus can make it easier to remove the virus from a computer program, then get busy deleting one by one all the files that have been infected with the virus Elk Cloner.

Elk Cloner How the World's First Computer Virus Spread?
Elk Cloner spread and infect Apple II operating system with this technique and it will boot sector virus will automatically copy itself if accidentally carried on someone else's computer. Although not so fatal, but still a headache.

If your computer is infected with a virus Rich Skrenta made ​​the world's first virus inventor by the name Elk Cloner, it will look like the following poem:

Elk Cloner: The program with a personality
It will get on all your disks
It will infiltrate your chips
Yes it's Cloner!
It will stick to you like glue
It will modify RAM too
Send in the Cloner!

And who would have thought, Rich Skrenta the inventor of computer virus in the world's first stamp was a bad kid in school success, this time according to information obtained he worked as CEO of Blekko Inc. is an Internet search engine or search engine.

Yes, that's the story of the inventor of the first computer virus in the world and named Elk Cloner, who would have thought a malicious program that makes a headache for computer users was first created by 15 year old brat.

Hopefully, the inventor of the first computer virus information in the world is beneficial for all of our knowledge.

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