Wednesday, March 6, 2013

5 giants There Ever Recorded In History

The giant man who ever lived in history, evidence of its truth may still be sought by archaeologists. However, throughout the record, a lot of people who grew up tall far above normal size. As seen in 5 people below.

1.Robert Wadlow, 8 '11.1 "
Robert Wadlow is the tallest man in the history of giants. Alton Giant nickname, because he came from Alton, Illinois. He was born in 1918, the oldest of five children.
He died at age 22 due to an infection caused by a blister on the ankle.
At the time of his death, weighed 440 pounds and showed no signs of stopping growing.
He was buried in a tomb made ​​of solid concrete dome.
Apparently, the family remains worried when Robert will be intervened by the news hunters.

2.Johan Aason, 8 '9-1/4 "
Johan was born in the United States after a few years she moved from Norway. Interestingly, apparently the mother was also a giant with a height 7'2 ".
According to his death certificate from the Mendocino Hospital, at the time of death was recorded height 9'2 "- if this is true, then he is the world's highest human history. He was buried in Montana.

3.John Rogan, 8'9 "
John Rogan was born in 1868 and he grew normally until the age of 13. After that continue to grow, until sat died in 1905 from complications listed 8'9'' tall. Worse, the disease makes her extremely thin, which is only 175 pounds.

4.John F Carroll, 8'7 "
John Carroll was born in Buffalo, New York in 1932. He is also known as the Buffalo giant. Her body is growing very fast. He grew seven inches in a few months.

He died in 1969.
Unfortunately, the undocumented how tall when he died. However, many people believe height is no more than 9 '.

5.Leonid Stadnyk, 8'5 "

Leonid Stadnyk born in 1971 in Ukraine.
She is a registered veterinary surgeon and lives with his mother. He is currently listed as the tallest man according to Guinness Book of Records. A group of businessmen ukraine donated satellite dish and a computer to Stadnyk and now he has Internet access.

Note: The size high above the scale reads in feet (ft) and inches (inch).
8'5 "means 8 feet 5 inches when converted into approximately 2 m 56 cm.

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