Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Having a ridicolous campus tradition in the World

Being a student is fun. Especially for teenagers, being a student is a time to look forward. In their view, by a student, freedom is in their hands. Parental control will be reduced. They will have more freedom and are considered adults. Moreover, they were hormones in their fiery - fire. At this age also, they are aggressively seeking sensation. Thus, many of them made ​​by their act. Here are some silly tradition and the students performed poorly, like running naked to have sex in the middle stage.

1. Legend Maxcy Monument at the University of South Carolina

Maxcy Monument is a monument of stone with gold ball on top of it. The monument is located right in the center of the campus of the University of South Caorlina. This monument has a legend. Where the gold ball on top of the monument Maxcy will spin when there is a young girl - well the past. Good in the sense that here is a girl should be is still a virgin and have a pure heart. But it turned out the ball was never spun gold. Then one time, the gold ball was stolen. So that the campus should replace it with a new one and mengelasnya that can not be stolen again. Therefore, it's unlikely the gold ball can spin again.

2. Virgin Bel Macalester Campus

Macalester College is a small college located in St. Paul, Minnesota. On campus, there is a tradition. The tradition is known as the Beep Bel Virgin. Where on campus, there is an old bell. And anyone who has lost her virginity for the first time, then he is entitled to ring the bell. So when the bell rang, it was a sign that there is someone who has sex on campus for the first time. Now every time the bell rings, the boarder will go out the window and they will applaud.

3. University of Michigan

The students at this university have a tradition to have sex in the middle of Michigan stadium at night. More precisely on the letter M in the middle - the middle of the field.

4. Running naked

At the University of Arizona was an annual tradition where students run naked without wearing anything. They ran around the campus. And try to guess ... The participants are always plenty. Maybe because there are hot air.

5. Curse of the University of Pennsylvania Compass

6. Harvard University student screams

The Harvard students have a strange tradition. And they always do it in the week - week of final exams. They will be running hard for 3 minutes in the park shouting Harvard. They ran while wearing a cap. But they did not wear any piece of clothing. This tradition is called the Primal Scream. The goal is to release stress in the exam and they also believe that this action allows them to think more clearly and effectively when taking a test.

7. Naked Leap Ohio University

A week before the Ohio University football game against the University of Michigan, Ohio University students partying. At the end of November, all Ohio college students will jump into a lake on campus. The lake is called Mirror Lake or Lake Glass. The students will attend only a bikini or nude. Then they would all jump into this glass lake. And the lake will be filled by tens of thousands of people in it. And more great again, when it is winter. The temperature outside was really - really really cool.

8. University of Winsconsin - Sex in Library

Having sex in the library is something most curious students. Many students are trying to do it in the library looking for sensation. One is a student at the University of Winsconsin. They made ​​a ritual to have sex on top of a pile - a pile of books in the library Memorial. In the library, there is a room. They feature two-way glass in the middle - the middle of his floor. And many students are trying to have sex on top of her.

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