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The world is full of mystery and unique things that are sometimes beyond logic . One of them is a man who likes to drink gasoline . Strange ? Definitely . Imagine if many of which have similar hobbies , can increasingly scarce fuel supplies . Who are they ? Here's the list , as quoted from

1 . Shannon

Shannon ( 21 ) at first glance no different from other young women , who had a handsome face and quite attractive in the eyes of men . But the interest of the men could suddenly be lost if Shannon already thirsty and wanted a drink .

There is absolutely no mineral water to be drunk by Shannon to quench thirst , but fuel oil or gasoline to be swallowed directly from jerry cans . Shannon does have unusual behavior , namely gasoline addiction .

The first time you drank gasoline , Shannon felt his throat burning . But the pain caused by irritation never make it a deterrent , even addiction , and even a day at least he got to sample a minimum of 1 teaspoon of gasoline . " Initially itchy and burning my throat . Although painful , but it feels good , " said Shannon .

In a program titled My Strange Addiction on TLC television station , Shannon said to have spent 5 gallons or about 18 liters of petrol in the last year . Shannon most like to drink it straight from the jerry can , does not need to be poured in a glass .

2 . Brian Taylor

In 2005 , Brian Taylor was given a certificate of Anti - Social Behaviour Order ( ASBO ) forbidding drinking petrol at a filling station . This is related to the habit of sniffing and drinking gas and gasoline . Not long ago he returned to repeat that habit .

Ahead of New Year's Eve , Brian disobey away from the gas station . Brian went unnoticed gas station in North Yorkshire on Dec. 30 and tried to get gasoline from the gas station employees . On the same day , he also reportedly went to another gas station with the same intent .

As a result of his actions are troubling , Brian was asked to stay away from the gas station . He was also sentenced to 16 weeks suspended sentence and must pay the cost of a loss of approximately USD 2.4 million .

Brian actually been trying to overcome addiction to gas and gasoline , but at the time of attending the meeting , he was expelled officers . The reason he was having such a strong smell of gasoline so that it is feared could lead to fires .

3 . Chen Dejun

Chen Dejun , 74 -year-old grandfather districts of Chongqing in the southwest region of China was originally only complained of cough and chest pain . Precisely in 1969, he tried to overcome the traditional recipe to drink a cup of kerosene or kerosene .

Originally the recipe was successfully relieve cough and chest pain relief they experienced . But unfortunately , lean man and works as a stone breaker is so addictive and always feel unwell if one day not to drink kerosene .

Chen's long body still was not feeling well despite drinking kerosene , so start switching to gasoline to be bought alone in the city by walking up and down the hill . Since then , he spends an average of 3 to 3.5 kg gas / month .

When asked how much fuel has been drunk , Chen said he did not remember exactly because it was never counted . However, based on the average fuel consumed per day , is expected in the last 42 years Chen has spent no less than 1.5 tons of gasoline .

4 . Mbah Ganti

Mbah Ganti( 75 ) from the village of Burah Bangle , District Merakurak , Tuban , East Java , have a habit of drinking kerosene ( kerosene ) . This habit has been done since a toddler . Within a day , the body of a man who drank kerosene was still fit to 3 cups . Even he admitted if it is taking him to feel refreshed .

" Delicious and fresh taste , the same as drinking water , " said Mbah Ganti .

In addition to complexity , according to the everyday man who claimed to be farmers too used to drink gasoline ( premium ) and diesel . Even fuel for motor vehicles he drank just get rid of sore on his body . "If gas oil ( kerosene mean - Red ) does not exist, the presence of gasoline or diesel yes I drink . Same course usefulness can refresh the body , " he said .

About the strange habit of going on , obviously Mbah Ganti at the age of five years . At that time he spilled kerosene from a bottle in the kitchen . He thinks the kerosene stored drinking water mother . Since then , he used to drink kerosene .

" Remember me when I stole a little , because parents scolded . But soon becomes a habit , " 

5 . Boy in China

In 2009 a child has been reported from China has been drinking gasoline for five years in order to become a robot transformer . The idea to drink gasoline every day appear after the child was watching ' Transformers ' . The boy then decided to become one of the robots in Transformers . According to him , with drinking gasoline would enable it to achieve the goal .

At first the boy was drinking fuel from a match that he stole from his parents a small shop . Then he began to empty the petrol in his scooter , until finally he began to steal petrol from cars parked on the streets . Since the boy's habit of drinking gasoline began to know a lot of people .

The father told his son to drink about three liters of petrol per day . As a result of that habit , the boy gets a bad impact in terms of intellectual ability . Formerly known child was able to think quickly , but since often drinking gasoline instead become sluggish thinking than children his age .

A toxicology expert at the Russian Health Ministry said that a glass of gasoline is a fatal dose for a human liver . Therefore the experts doubt the claim that the child can drink a few liters of petrol and stay alive .

According to experts , the boy has a tendency toxicomania . If the habit of drinking gasoline is not stopped it will make the performance of the liver deteriorates , besides the intellectual capabilities will also decline. Although the habit of drinking gasoline has been discontinued and he is still alive , but experts believe it will be difficult to restore mental and physical health , especially the consumption of gasoline is done for 5 years .

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