Saturday, January 4, 2014


One phenomenon in social media can be seen from the photographs used . If we are traveling and observing a Facebook or Twitter profile picture our friends , surely they can see a typical picture .

There were always like selfie even pose that's it . There are always poses at the cafe with a cup of latte or food neat . There is also a photo like in the wild or a full body pose . One purpose of using images like this in addition to personal identity is attract the opposite sex or a girlfriend .

As we know that it could fall in love by what we see , therefore , not uncommon for people to pose as perfect as possible to be able to produce an impressive profile picture . It's not just express , but also impress .

Quoted from , there is a survey that shows some kind of criteria that can be successful photo girlfriend or attract the attention of the opposite sex . The survey was conducted by asking what kind of criteria photos like someone from the opposite sex . Here is the result .

Outdoor to Indoor for men and women

If you are a man and want to impress women , choose outdoor photo because you do not look selfie . Women like a photograph showing a man who was active , strong and agile .

While men like women who make photographs indoors . Due to seem more graceful and light in a beauty make women more tender and some selfie can show the sexy style .

Photo Whole Body Parts

Because photos can be deceiving , sometimes facial images is not enough . There are people who have the face look small and slender , but her body is great. There is also the opposite . Survey respondents prefer photos that appear all over the body . The picture is more flexible and describe the profile photo that best represents us .

Selfie Men ? Big No No

It turned out that picture of a man who was doing selfie less attractive women . In addition to less look good in the eyes of women , more suitable style selfie also done by women than by men . Compared selfie , women prefer a man with a photo of his friends gang.

Photo By Posts and Ornament

Sometimes intentionally added photo sticker paper or frame and cute icons . Unfortunately , this picture is not so well liked by the respondents was male or female . Most people already know that a good photograph is necessary edits , but they would rather subtle edits , in the sense of not much use trinkets or unnecessary posts .

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