Saturday, January 4, 2014


Eggs are rich in protein and good fats for the body turns out to have many health benefits for our bodies . In addition to a meal side dish that is practical and economical .

Here are 7 Health Benefits of Egg Yolk Consumption quoted

1 . For Brain Health
Egg yolks are known to be beneficial for brain health , and even useful as bone formation . This is because egg yolks have chlorine or chlorine substances which are very good benefits for the health of cells and the formation of the human brain .

2 . Good for Pregnant Women
Egg yolks are also known to have good benefits for women hamil.Manfaat contained in the egg yolk can help fetal brain development and prevent abnormalities in the brain janin.Untuk it , you make a woman pregnant , consume eggs as you diet .

3 . High cholesterol
If your body cholesterol deficiency . It is better if you eat eggs . Because the known 1 egg yolk contains about 180-190 mg of cholesterol .

4 . Good for Children Growth
That is why if a child should eat eggs early. Because eggs are known both for the development and growth of children . So by eating egg yolks every day processes of growth and development of children becomes a maximum .

5 . Such Containing Nutrition
This is the reason why the egg yolks consumed for Bodybuilders . This is because egg yolks contain calcium , iron , zinc , phosphorus , and other much needed by the body .

6 . Containing Omega 3
Eating eggs can also ensure adequate intake of Omega 3 which is needed by the body .

7 . Creating a Healthier Body
The doctor revealed that the yolk can make our body healthy , when compared with junk food etc. .

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