Sunday, February 17, 2013

10 dirtiest rivers in the world

The river is actually a source of water for surrounding residents and could also be a source of livelihood for fishermen. However, a lot of rivers in the world that has been contaminated by human actions. Here are the 10 dirtiest rivers in the world.

1. Citarum River, Indonesia

Citarum located in West Java, Indonesia. The river is already looking like pond scum when in fact the river is a source of water for agriculture and water resources for the residents in the vicinity. But the river is highly polluted by human activity and littered with trash. In December 2008, the Asian Development Bank approved a loan of $ 50 million (about USD 500 billion) just to clean up the river. Wahh ... so sorry ya ... we act because of littering, it would take money that is not half-hearted to clean. Not to mention, the time required to clear the river of garbage.

2. Yamuna River, India

Yamuna is highly polluted river where 58% of waste from New Delhi, the capital of India, was dumped in the river. It is as much as Rs 17 billion (about USD 370 billion) of money spent to clean up this river, but still can not clean. The Indian government has now raised their hands in an attempt to clean this river.

3. Buriganga river, Bangladesh

Buriganga is the main river beside Dhaka city, Bangladesh. Many creatures die under the river.

4. Yellow River in Lanzhou, China

River Yellow River is the second largest river and source of water for millions of people in northern China. But the river is the source of this water is polluted now because of contamination from industrial waste

5. Marilao River, Philippines

Plastics, rubber slippers, banana branches, are some of the rubbish that you see floating in the Marilao river this. The water in this river contain toxic chemicals such as suitcases, chromium, arsenic, which makes it very dangerous water. Although the government has put regulatory fines for those who throw garbage in the river, but the community and the local factory still throw garbage and waste into the river.
6. Ganges River, India
The river Ganga is a holy river for Hindus who come from coral ice Gangotri. Approximately two million people perform the ritual bathing in the river when the water in the river is not safe anymore because contaminated by chemical dumping and also there are dead bodies floating in the river
7. Songhua River, china

Songhua River is located in China. In 2005, the river is contaminated with chemicals in gasoline so that the river is closed as a water source for Harbin.

8. Mississippi River, USA

The Mississippi River is the natural resources in the United States. The river took about 40% of American natural resources and bring 1.5 million metric tons of nitrogen pollution into the Lake of Mexico Gulf annually.

9. Sarno River, Italy

Sarno is a river that passes through the city of Pompeii to Naples. Includes a polluted river in Europe are mostly waste from agriculture and local industry.

10. King River, Australia
The King River is polluted due to mining in the vicinity. Approximately 1.5 million tonnes of sulfidic headed to the river every year since 1995 and until now has about 100 million tons. From outside the visible, not the river is so dirty, but the river has actually been contaminated with sewage.

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