Sunday, February 10, 2013

Most marriages Strange World

Since ancient times, for whatever reason - whether because of love, treasure, crowns or other causes - a normal man would marry a woman. Although the then unheard of by our marital kind, good man marry a man who 'loved' gay marriage or women, but these marriage never even imagined before.

1. Married with pillow do not know what possessed minds Lee Jin-gyu, a young Korean, so falling in love with 'dakimakura' it - sort of big huggable pillow from Japan - are printed on one side drawing Fate Testarossa, popular Japanese anime character from the anime series Mahou Lyrical Nanoha shoujo. 
Lee so obsessed with pillows, so it always took him away to the park or to the market or anywhere, including going to the banquet. In the end Lee unabashedly married the pillow. 
No kidding, 'they' married to a special ceremony where the 'bride' pillow wearing a wedding dress in front of a local priest. Of course, this strange marriage of media attention.

2. Married with cartoon characters
Is SAL9000, nick name a young Japanese who married Nene Anegasaki, a woman who is perfect in every way. There is nothing odd about the marriage, unless you know that Nene Anegasaki is just a fictional character in a popular online game "Love Plus", a dating game which is designed in such a way similar to real life. You can find your own boyfriend, ask her out, vent, buying her flowers or other gift with your credit card, even dancing until late. Of course, everything is just there in cyberspace. 
SAL9000 so enamored with this game so fell in love with Nene, virtual girlfriend. Not only that, SAL9000 even married the virtual girlfriend. 
Marriage itself is held in Guam, where there are not laws prohibit this unusual marriage. A reception was also held in Tokyo Japan where the invitation will give congratulations to the bride and groom, but the 'bride' virtual somewhere to be where.

3. Married with Dog 
The grounds to be free from the curse, Selva Kumar from Tamil Nadu, South India was willing to marry a female dog named Selvi. Kumar believes that the illness suffered paralysis and loss of hearing in one ear is the result of a curse, because he had killed two dogs about 15 years ago. and the only way to recover is by marrying a dog. 
The wedding itself took place at a ceremony that is not different from other normal human marriage. The 'bride females' well dressed with a red cloth and flower arrangements. 
Not reported whether by marriage, 'curse' on Selva later revoked.

4. Married with corpse
  There are some weddings that take place between people and corpses. and the most gress and attract attention is the wedding took place recently in China. May be practically touching the ground that is called true love, but it is certainly not acceptable to common sense. 
Zhuang Huagui (26 years) plans were married on February 4, 2010, but on January 28, 2010, future wife died Zhao'e Hu robbers stabbed by his house. Finally he decided to keep the wedding ceremony, followed by her funeral service at once.

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