Sunday, February 17, 2013

7 Things's Most Feared Man

In general, fears that many experienced people in the world, ranging in matters concerning everyday life, from relationships, family, to finance.
As summarized from the,, here are the things most feared man.

1. Fear of Death
Fear of death is the ultimate fear that people experience. Almost all the people are not ready to die knowing that death sooner or later must come. Many people are scared and worried about what might happen after death.
To overcome this fear, it is important to understand that life is a cycle of birth and death, both are two sides of the same coin. Excessive fear of death is called Thanatofobia.

2. Fear of Failure
When trying something, there are always two possibilities, namely succeed or fail. Atychiphobia is an irrational fear of failure that ultimately makes a person not want to do anything for fear of failure.
If the phobia remains untreated, the symptoms will continue to worsen over time. Loss of motivation and a decline in confidence will soon follow which can lead to more severe symptoms such as depression.

3. Fear Denied
Everyone wants his presence received, both by the environment as well as loved ones. Some people even there are so dependent on the recognition, approval or judgment of others to himself.
These people are so driven by the need to be accepted so as to lose his own identity. Some people then withdrew because of fear of rejection. They eventually distanced himself from friends, family and caregivers who care for them.

4. Fear of the Dark
Except for the purpose of sleep, most people are not in a state of sleep be afraid of the dark. Region-daearh dark too often a source of crime.
Fear comes from uncertainty faced not being able to see objects clearly in the vicinity.
Excessive fear of the dark is called Lygophobia, the intense fear of something that does not pose a real danger.
In many cases, this fear is mixed with the fear of ghosts and other mystical figures.

5. Fear of Falling from height
Imagine yourself at an altitude often create panic and fear. Symptoms include cold sweat, shaking and nausea. Excessive fear of heights called Hypsiphobia

6. Fear of Losing a loved one
Being together with loved ones is a moment the happiest in life. When it comes to end of togetherness, both because of separation, divorce or death, many people suddenly fell sad to depression.
Spend more time with family and friends of a loved one. When it comes time to lose them, then the memories will still make those left behind feel excited to live.

7. Fear Poor
If you have poor or grew up in a poor neighborhood, people generally have a very strong fear of poverty. The best way to fight poverty is to educate yourself and learn how to earn money.
Money plays a central role in our lives and deserves the attention. But sometimes people are so afraid of falling into poverty and loss of wealth. Excessive fear is called Peniaphobia.

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