Sunday, February 17, 2013

10 Things the World's smallest

1. World's smallest pistol!
SWissMiniGun is really small, not more than the size of keys, but can fire a bullet with a speed of 270 mph, which could kill at close range. The gun is officially recognized as the world's smallest revolver, and marketed as a collector's item. Size of only 5.5 cm in length. Materials used are stainless steel with a price of about 6000 dollars.

2. World's Smallest Fish
This fish is found in a swamp in Sumatra. This fish when mature, can reach 7.9 mm in length! Small huh!
3. World's smallest Teddy Bear
  5 mm dolls in height was made ​​by Bettina Kaminski from Germany. This doll was officially declared as the Teddy Bear smallest in the world.
4. World's smallest horse
Name this horse is Thumbelina, a horse whose height is only 17 inches, or about half a meter. Thumbelina was born on the farm which specializes providing a mini horse.
5. Smallest Dog in the World
Pinnochio, the name of this dog, weighing only one pound and his size not larger than a can of coca cola. Unfortunately Pinnochio died, just because his appetite is too big. So Pinnichio found the owner, died with a full stomach
6. World's smallest burger
This burger is a burger can be eaten smallest, complete with a little bread and even wear mini fries too you know!
7. World's smallest baby
Introducing, Amillia Taylor, born at October 24, 2006, she was born at a very young age and considered as the youngest premature baby survive. He was born at 22 weeks of age. At birth, weighing only 280 grams, and the height is only 24 cm! Imagine, so small, his legs still transparent!
8. World's smallest pot of tea
Ceramic teapot was made ​​by Wu Ruishen, a leading ceramic in China. Weight is only 1.4 grams of pot, and can actually work you know!
9. World's Smallest Lizard
Jaragua Dwarf Gecko or Sphaero, measuring only 0.6 cm, or less than 2 cm only. This endangered lizard native habitat in Latin America.
10. World's smallest artwork
Willard Wigan MBE, making the work of the above artists, was born in Birmingham in 1957. He suffered from dyslexia and learning difficulties, the school he passes with difficulty, and finally he found his world by making a lot of things that it is almost impossible enjoyed (see hard aja) with the naked eye. Imagine aja, miniature Statue of Liberty is even able to fit on the head of a pin!

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