Sunday, February 17, 2013

5 World's Fastest Train

1. Shinkansen - Japan.
300 km / h (186 mph), top speed 581 km / h (361 mph)

Japanese technology has been able to realize the gifts of a high-speed rail system that covers the whole country. Shinkansen, also known as the bullet train, is a super-fast trains, super safe (because, 40 years of operation without an accident that means) and super comfortable. In 2003, three JR-Maglev train carriages have been able to reach speeds of 581 km / h (361 mph) on a magnetic track magnetic levitation technology.

2.TGV. France.
320 km / h (199 mph) top speed of 574.8 km / h (357.2 mph).
TGV is the flagship product of France, similar to the iconic Eiffel Tower and Baguettes. High speed train service was originally developed in the 1970s and opened to the public in 1981. At this time reaches 150 cities and towns in France and some foreign cities located in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy and Switzerland.
Among the kinds and types of TGV, the high speed TGV is a TGV Réseau and Duplex, which berkecapatan about 320 km / h (199 mph). In 2007, which is the operator SNCF and Alstom's TGV which is building the TGV, has conducted a series of experiments. Official speed record took place on 3 April 2007, when the TGV reaches a top speed of 574.8 km / h (159.6 m / s, 357.2 mph). It is the fastest conventional train using metal wheels on metal rails.

3. Shanghai Maglev Train. China.
250 km / h (160 mph), top speed 431 km / h (268 mph)
High speed monorail train called the Transrapid is a German-made trains that use magnetic levitation technology. This train has been operated in Shanghai, China. Trains run distance of 30 km from the airport in 7 minutes 20 seconds, with an average speed of 250 km / h (160 mph) and a top speed of 431 km / h (268 mph).
Transrapid monorail is not implemented for long-distance inter-city.

4. CRH. China.
350 km / h (217 mph), top speed of 394.3 km / h (245 mph)
China Railway High-Speed, which is the Chinese railway system, has operated several bullet train models like CRH1, CRH2, CRH3, CRH4 and CHR5. The fastest type CRH3, based on Siemens Velaro technology, designed to run at a speed of 350 km / h (though in 2008, a CRH3 reach a top speed 394.3 km / h (245 mph) during tests conducted between Beijing and Tianjin).
The other is the fastest model CRH2, produced by Japan's Kawasaki Heavy Industries. In October 2009 the Ministry of Railways announced that it plans to invest 1.2 trillion yuan ($ 175.44 billion) to develop and expand the railway system in China. The goal is to have 13,000 km passenger line in 2012. A new contract high-speed trains has also been signed between the Ministry of rail Maintenance Technology of China through a license agreement with Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

5. AVE. Spain.
300 km / h (186 mph)
AVE, which means the Spanish High Speed ​​(Alta Velocidad Española), is a trains speed up to 300 km / h (186 mph). The train is operated by RENFE, the Spanish railway company, but there are also private operators like Alvia, which runs at a maximum speed of 250 km / h (155 mph).

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